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Maintenance free Bark beetle Slit trap

The slit trap is a high-quality product assuring the effective capture of all species of the Ips genus for which pheromones are produced, such as: Ips Typographus, Pityogenes chalcographus, Trypodendron lineatum, Tomicus piniperda and others.

The trap has been designed based on many experiments in the locations where bark beetles have been found. Our innovative product has large inlet holes causing the insects to be lured into the trap by preventing them from sitting on its surface. The funnel shape of the trap contributes to an increased spread of the pheromone and better ventilation inside the trap, thereby causing a reduction in the use of the pheromone.

The simplified installation procedure and the efficiency of the trap, independent from the observer’s attention and the frequency of servicing the trap, are the best solutions in monitoring and forecasting the beetle threat 

Each trap set contains:

  • Slit trap
  • Maintenance free container to collect beetles
  • 1l of Silvator fluid to store beetles
  • 1.2 m stake
  • Plastic hook for hanging up the pheromone
  1. Grapples for hanging up the trap, minimizing mounting effort
  2. Maintenance free container with a slit cover, including separating and drainage unit, covered with a metal mesh
  3. Inlet holes placed on the narrow sides
  4. Grapples for hanging up the trap
  5. A compact trap canopy to ensure a small inactive surface for trapping, therefore beetles fall into the inlet holes situated below

An innovative solution consisting of a separating and drainage unit, which enables:

  1. monitoring the number trapped and the intensity of the beetle’s flight, thanks to the scale placed on the container
  2. application of beetle trapping liquid, which has many benefits:
    – sunken beetles do not emit cautionary sounds and anti-aggregative pheromones
    – the beetles do not rot, so they do not lure any necrophagous insects
    – they do not lure their natural enemies, i.e. the ant beetle (Thanasimus formicarius)

Our trap obtains better results comparing to other competitive products on the market:

  • 40 – 100% higher trapping comparing to Borregaard
  • 30 – 40% higher trapping comparing to Theysohn
  • 10% higher trapping comparing to the maintenance free Theyson by using a larger trapping surface
  1. Silvator fluid for storing trapped beetles
  2. Scale for calculating the number trapped without the necessity of taking out the container
  3. Clamp for quickly installing the trap on a stake

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